Beginner's Freelance Writing Course by Writer's Edit

Beginner's Freelance Writing Course

An insanely easy action plan which shows you the exact step-by-step strategy you need to fire your boss within 3 months and work just 15 hours per week from anywhere in the world.


A comprehensive, 27-lesson video course focused on giving you the skills, confidence and resources to land regular, high-paying clients, allowing you to work from your laptop from anywhere in the world.

We built this course to address the questions and concerns that we hear most often, like:

  • How can I find the time to get started as a freelance writer when I already have a full-time job?
  • I have limited technical ability...
  • I have limited writing experience - will clients still pay me?
  • I have a family and I don't have much spare time...
  • Where do I find these high-paying clients? Is it possible to get them finding me?
  • Once I've landed a client - how do I effectively manage their expectations, and keep them coming back to me time and time again?

There is no shortage of books and courses out there about becoming a freelance writer, but in our experience - the vast majority contain mere general advice, and aren't structured in a way which allows you to 'follow along' in a linear fashion.

The purpose of this course is to break down the huge challenge of getting started as a freelance writer into bite-size portions, which you can study and undertake at your own pace.

We've created a step-by-step process for you to follow, which will enable you to start landing high-paying freelance clients today.

What's included?

Video Icon 27 videos


8 mins
Freelance Services
Blog Services
8 mins
Web Content
7 mins
Editing Services
2 mins
7 mins
Building A Website
Choosing A Domain Name
11 mins
39 mins
Social Media
Choosing A Platform
13 mins
29 mins
35 mins
Brand Reputation
17 mins
Getting Started
Building Your Portfolio
11 mins
Initial Reviews And Testimonials
8 mins
Starting Rates
11 mins
How To Pitch
18 mins
Finding Work
12 mins
Client Management
Managing Client Expectations
15 mins
Contract And Fees
8 mins
How To Determine Your Rates
10 mins
Handling Difficult Clients
9 mins
Email Etiquette
10 mins
11 mins
Business Registration and Tax
9 mins
Money Management
17 mins
Routine and Discipline
11 mins
Time Management
12 mins
10 mins

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